Jeanette Kroese Thomson and Gary Arthur Thomson      
Jeanette Kroese Thomson

Jeanette Kroese Thomson is an educator, writer, and consultant on parenting and family life. Her first book: Learning Together With Children discusses how the young child acquires language.  The parent is the primary teacher of this process. A second book, Thinking Together With Children helps parents understand when they participate in their child's learning with dialogue and learning experiences, they can also help the young person advance to critical thinking.

Jeanette has created and trademarked The Marsupians. The Marsupian Tales of Origin continues in Once Upon A Rock In Doggerland as they hop over to Northern Europe. There are two earlier children’s books, Hurry Up, Joey, It’s Time To Go, for the preschool and primary school child learning to rad. A second book, Once Upon A Rock is for older elementary children learning about geography, science and history.

Like so many times before, Grandpa and Joey were on one of their hopping times together. Not long ago, Joey had gone on his first walk about with Grandpa. They climbed the Big Red Rock. Grandpa said it was his favorite spot in the whole wide world.

This book, like the other books of Jeanette Kroese Thomson, encourages listening and talking between children and their parents. It is a process for language development and also leads to critical thinking as the dialogue progress. This exchange at home reinforces all learning and reflective thinking for a lifetime.

Grandpa Wally cover

Once Upon A Rock In Doggerland encourages
dialogue about the story of the Earth. Part One
goes back 200 million years ago when the last
super continent, Pangaea, began to break up.
The Atlantic Ocean was created when North
America and Europe became separate continents.
In Part Two, the Marsupians are traveling anytime,
anyplace, anyspace. Part Three takes the reader
back to Mesolithic times when human beings
moved close to the glaciers of Northern Europe.
The people learned to adapt as the earth began
to warm with the last Ice Age. We are still
experiencing this Ice Age today.


Thinking Together With Children
Your child is asking “Why this?” “Why that?” Responding to your child encourages thinking. With children spending more time in virtual reality, it is important to connect with their minds. Thinking requires a child to formulate an idea into a conceptual thought that can be recalled and analyzed. Parents can help their children to think clearly by actively participating in their learning. Listening to your child means your child will listen as well. Your child seeks meaning.

Once Upon A Rock 
This colorful, well-illustrated book has three major sections:

  1. The first section sketches the origins of our planet, Earth.
  2. The second section introduces Marsupian storyteller, Grandpa Wally and his Tale of Origin. His tale includes a short description of each of the Marsupians.
  3. The third section illustrates how human beings used rocks from the earth's crust down through the ages.

The intention of the book is to inspire the reader to want to know more about the earth and it's inhabitants.


Hurry Up Joey
Reading with your child is the most positive way for your child to learn to read. Hurry Up Joey encourages the four skills of language: listening, talking, reading, and writing. Hurry Up Joey is a great story to introduce a conversation with your child. Small children need reassurance with meaning and substance from their parents. Your child may experience separation anxiety away from you and your familiar home environment. Joey hears his parents discussing that he must hop alone. Joey is afraid he cannot hop alone. He is frightened when he has a bad dream. But finally Joey learns to hop all by himself.


Learning Together With Children
Children are very ingenious. They figure things out faster than adults think they can. The child is investigating the world without being taught. Parents are learning by observing their child and discovering what to do to help their child learn.
Learn to Read!
Read to Learn!
The skill of learning how to think through each new situation happens for a lifetime. Adults can recapture how to learn easily watching a child.


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